DAV Public School, Tensa

At/Post - Tensa, Bonai, Sundargarh, Odisha - 770042


Patronised by the PSUBIM, RMD,SAIL, Tensa our school bears the facilities that are all required to keep the children learning joyfully on the platform of state-of-art comforts. Besides having professionally trained, experienced and motivated teachers and staff members,our school runs in two separate blocks, one is for the KG and Tiny Tots and the other for elementary and senior class students. Compounded with heighted boundary and installed with CCTV in all corners, provision of safe drinking water in  filtered tanks, furnished wash rooms and toilets keep the children under perfect security and protect them from any kind of health hazards. The students exhibit their artistic skills under the guidance of the  Art and Music teachers. Apart from the joyful Fun Station for the Tiny Tots, one small and other a vast playgrounds are there for the excited ones to rush and toil with their PET in the games and sports of their choice. Apart from computer Labs, Library Hall, Science and Maths Labs are there to engage their inquisitive minds to hone their skills and feed up academically. Joyful environment through function and celebration, students are always in their sixth heaven. Thus , our is a home like home, a woodland cottage for learning joyfully to challenge any kind of their academic needs at par with any modern school of the country.

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DAV Public School, Tensa
At/Post - Tensa, Bonai,

Sundargarh, Odisha - 770042
Phone: 06625-236241
E-mail Id: davpstensa2020@gmail.com
Web site: www.davtensa.in

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